CHARLEE - Boy like you / VINYLSHAKERZ remix

"Boy Like You" is set to be the first single taken from Charlee´s upcoming debut album
"This Is Me" ( UNIVERSAL) which is due for release in September 2010!

Now you lucky DJs have "Boy Like You" in two remix versions produced by
The Discoboys and Vinylshakerz which take Charlee´s glorious pop song
to the big room floors in a tasteful fashion.
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Relaunch of the website
All fresh and new for 2010

Webdesogn and Page are still a bit beta, but we'll rush to the final!
Mike Red is currently in the studio to work on a few new VINYLSHAKERZ tracks.

So watch this space to be up to date with the latest News !!
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VINYLSHAKERZ - Slave ( turn up the music ) Out Now !

Slave (Turn Up The Music) (Screen Cut)
Slave (Turn Up The Music) (Soft Mode Mix)
Slave (Turn Up The Music) (Thrust Mode Mix)
Slave (Turn Up The Music) (Max Farenthide RMX)
Slave (Turn Up The Music) (SKJG Project Re-Mix)
Slave (Turn Up The Music) (Sabrine Gaultier Re-Mix)

released on MINISTRY OF SOUND,Germany.
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VINYLSHAKERZ feta. KEMI - Slave ( turn up the music )
The new Single is ready and will be released on MINISTRY OF SOUND,Germany.

more very soon...
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Dear all,

unfortunately our provider-partner MUBITO went bankcrupt on March 2009.
That's why you are now on the older Website of teh Vinylshakerz.

We are currently working hard to get a fresh and all new website running very soon!
Until then enjoy this page
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